Frequently asked questions

Signing up to Sangerwal Money Transfer is simple, and only takes a few minutes.
To create an account with Sangerwal Money Transfer, you’ll need to sign up either through our app or on our website.

a. You can send money in two ways:
. You can visit one of our London or Birmingham branches to be registered first and make a payment.
b.You can fill our online registration form at www.sangerwalexchange.co.uk/register or download Sangerwal Money Transfer on android or IOS app to your mobile device and transfer funds to our dedicated bank account or pay by using your debit card.

Please click on the Destination tab to find out the countries you can send money to.

A Transaction ID is a unique number given to every money transfer you make, to help you keep track of it.

It also is the number you’ll need to give our Customer Support team if you contact them with any questions. You can find the Transfer ID in your transfer history and in emails you’ve received.

We provide instant and next working day payments depending upon the sending method and on the destination country. The indicated times may vary slightly for reasons beyond our control – such as additional security checks, time differences or market conditions in the destination country.

You will need to give us your ID regardless of the amount of money you send.

Primary acceptable form of photo identification is valid Passport, Driving Licence etc.

Secondary form of I.D is either a bank statement, utility bill etc. for proof of address. We can also request for you to provide your source of funds e.g. bank statement, pay slip etc.

We usually do not charge any fee. The exact fee can vary based on where you are sending to and from, and the delivery method that you choose. Our system regularly updates its currency exchange rates to give you the best rates.

Your recipient (the person you send money to) can either collect the amount in person or get a bank deposit in the designated bank. To collect a transfer, your recipient will need:
• Valid photo ID that shows their full name and matches the details you entered

Complaint Policy: Our company is committed to delivering an efficient and professional service. We aim to provide prompt, courteous, helpful, open and informative advice in response to every approach made by a member of public. From time to time things may go wrong, and we may not be able to provide the Standards of Service that we have set ourselves. Such instances reported to us by customers provide us with an opportunity to put things right and to learn from our mistakes. Handling complaints quickly, fairly and helpfully is a key part of our approach to service delivery Should things go wrong, and we fail to provide the quality of service expected by our customers. We will endeavour to:

  • ensure that making a complaint is as easy as possible;

  • treat a complaint seriously whether it is made in writing by letter, via fax, email or by telephone;

  • deal with it promptly, politely and where appropriate, informally (for example, by telephone);

  • include in our response an apology where we have got things wrong,

  • an explanation of the position, or information on any actions taken. We shall make every effort to operate in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) complaint management procedures. We recognise that we have an obligation to Customers who are dissatisfied with our service to resolve any complaint within 8 weeks from the point of notification. If this is not possible for any reason, then we will state our reasons for not being able to do so and propose an alternate completion date to the Customer. If we are unable to resolve the complaint within this timescale, or to the Customers satisfaction, or the Customer does not accept a deferred date, then such complaints may be eligible for consideration by the FCA or the FOS. We will provide full details of our complaint’s procedures to you.

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